Camera rig component questions?

Is the camera rig component for setting up cinematics or third person cameras or first-person cameras? I can’t find any decent tutorials on how to use it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

It is used for cinematics or third person if you want to use it for third person. Scriptcanvas can also be used to do the same for third person this just makes it easier.

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I hate to be bothersome but would it be possible for you to explain how it’s used for a third person camera or provide a link to a tutorial :slight_smile:

Sorry @phil_blackwood I do Cinematics with the Camera Rig, but I heard from someone maybe on a youtube video that it can be used for a third person camera, but it still takes some scriptcanvas coding to make it work. To be honest I believe the best way to make a third person camera is to take a look at the starter game (that character has a third person camera) or just do tests with scriptcanvas until you find one that works. If I find a good video I will post it here, other than that I am sorry I can’t help you with this. But good luck and I hope you find what you need :+1:

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