Can Amazon look into Mixamo/Fuse support?

So, I was thinking. Amazon has shown lots of pushes into gaming tech (Lumberyard, EmotionFX etc.). Mixamo and Fuse are amazing free tools for making and animating characters easily, with a lot of control. However, Adobe has neglected this, moving the Fuse team to other products and not doing anything with Mixamo, instead slowly shutting down things that cost them money (like storing characters on mixamo).

There are bugs forming that won’t be fixed for the foreseeable future, and I feel Amazon could bring new life into it. There are already quite a few posts asking how to use Fuse characters in Lumberyard, showing that the community wants this tool to work.

Anyone agree with me? As far as I see it, Mixamo+Fuse is the only good character creation and animating tool for indie devs and small dev teams who cannot make believable animations and characters in Blender.

[+1] Awesome perspective! I agree that there’s a particular interest in getting these tools to work with Amazon’s game services — I’d love to hear more on this topic and see how we can help illuminate such areas.

/All — what are your thoughts on this topic? :o

Cool, imaging a tutorial enables everyone can use Lumberyard+Mixamo to prototype their idea immediately (they got the animation, model asset, so the only thing left to do is coding/scripting).

But there is a catch though, I really don’t know what gonna happens to Mixamo in the future. Will it still be free (or affordable)? Will it still be available?

Well, if Amazon buys it off Adobe (who don’t seem to care about it, since they are slowly shutting down mixamo services and moved the dev team away from Fuse), it could be. Since they bought things like EmotionFX, I don’t see why not (unless it is too expensive, but that way Adobe might wake up and see people want Fuse/Mixamo and start dev on it again, so a win-win)

All good questions @HDN — I’m very curious to see the why behind this noticeable trend in the slow down of services with their product :confused:

And to both points, it further enabled gamedev to make something cool, quicker.

Now…how helpful would it be to have a tool that enables creation and comes with storage options for dev / prod? I can think of a few but wanted to get your perspectives on this as well!

Hey @Amonster_LMBR - I make use of mixamo quite frequently mostly for my own custom 3D character models. It would be great if amazon lumberyard supported it by default :slight_smile:

IMHO, Mixamo has an unlimited potential: enable everyone (especially noob) create a fully motion character in a snap of a finger, it doesn’t even require to install anything, just type in the search box & enter.

We can use this to:

*Quickly prototype idea

*Quickly generate common animation

*A great market place for motion capture animation - for everyone - Imagine when this become the standard in motion capture (require a lot of effort though)

@Amonster_LMBR, You cannot create animations from scratch with this product, but it offers a wide range of animations on the mixamo website.

Some textures need to be edited sadly in order to get the wanted effect in Lumberyard. A root motion also has to be manually added to the animation in order to work in Lumberyard

+1 — awesome! Is this simply for ease of use and to save time item, or are there other obstacles in DCC tools that could hinder progress?

Nice! Now I haven’t dove too far into this tool—can you create your own animations from scratch within the product or does that still require work from DCC tools?

Ah, noted! Thank yaz :slight_smile:

Interesting–wonder if a MEL or MAXscript would make this process simpler in the interim :o

@Amonster_LMBR Thinking about creating an animation from scratch, I think it would be nice if Mixamo had the ability to combine preset pose/animation (now it doesn’t). For example: I wanna make a close hand for my character, I’m too lazy to form each finger into the close hand, if there is a button to click to close my character’s hand, then it would be great - why not make Mixamo into this tool?

(v >.<)> /can-relate — also, since that’s a one of the missing pieces for this tool, are there any scripts/plugins available to help automate this for the time being in your DCC tool of choice?

@Amonster_LMBR I’m looking also for this feature. For now, it’s not simple to get Mixamo character work properly into Lumberyard (specially textures and root motion extraction). As Adobe seems to not care about Mixamo/Fuse, I think that there are a room for Lumberyard to take care of this tool. Maybe buy it…who knows !!

A perfect solution (the dream :)) will be the integration of Mixamo/fuse right in Lumberyard editor. And trust me, we (as indies) are a lot to look for this explosive combo :).


Thumbs up! I’ve been poking at our team on behalf of the community members, especially with such a large interest as this — #TheDream
Will keep this thread posted on any updates I can gather :slight_smile: