Can I make a 2D Text Adventure game with lumberyard?

Hey guys, I’d like to create a Lifeline like game, is it possible to do it with Lumberyard? Basically, a background, text shows and user clicks on the options that appear at the final of the text to choose what to happen further.

I know it is possible, but it is hard to achieve? I am a newbie but I’d like to learn this engine for further projects, a lot of people said to use other software made for novels but I want to continue with the games and advance, so I want to use only one engine.

I come from Defold and would stay that it would be a much better option for a project like this.

It seems like you would want to use Lumberyard for a project like this if you wanted to include 3d elements in a meaningful enough way to take advantage of the tech Lumberyard has. There are UI and text features so it may be worth building something like this with them to learn them.