Can i stop texture moving (oscillator)?


Can I somehow stop the movement of the texture after some time? Can I control the texture movement in real-time?


Hello @DAleks,

I am a Technical Artist on the Lumberyard Support team and will be looking in to this issue for you! Give me a little time to gather an answer and I will update this thread as soon as possible!


Thanks for the patience!

Unfortunately nested parameters, such as, Oscillation, or Rotation are not currently exposed to a scripting solution like LUA or Script Canvas. Essentially, if you mouse over a material parameter and there is a “Script Param Name” available it is accessible through scripting:

Oscillation does not have that available. However, for parameters like diffuse or opacity that have a corresponding script parameter name you can access them inside of Script Canvas, as so:

  • As a note, you could have two materials, one with oscillation and the same material without and swap between them using Script Canvas, though it may not be the best choice aesthetically.

We really appreciate you reaching out to use, though and I have taken note of your question for our product team!



Thanks for the answer @MajorBliss !

Yes, I tried to do it. I set the texture movement and then changed the material but I stumbled with the problem. In my case, I need to implement the filling of the pipes with fluid. But the movement of the texture in the material goes on constantly and I could not start the filling correctly. Each time when i run, the texture started in different UV coords.

Then I found the information about the VideoPlayback Component. So, I did what I needed, using video as texture and material change.

Fantastic, glad you found a work around! Thanks again for your input, much appreciated and again, noted to our product team!