Can i use gamelift with nodejs?

I already have servers for my game created in nodejs, can i easily get gamelift working with it?

Hi @Wigen, Thanks for looking into Gamelift. Unfortunately we don’t currently support node.js. However, we are evaluating which languages and platforms we will support in the future and will take your interest into account.



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Good question — I’ve pinged the team for answers on this topic. Stay tuned for a response :slight_smile:

Hi, I found way to work with Gamelift and node.js platform. Because there is no SDK for javascript I wrote a simple proxy server that is running as a middleware between GameLift Service and NodeJs Game Server.
But You need to keep in mind that node.js runs by default on one thread…


think I understand what your doing. Your creating a c++/C#/Java application that works as the GameLift starter binary and GL bridge. Your GameLift folder also has your your nodeJS server. Then your bridge communicates with the nodeServer as needed. This is what I’m thinking your doing. Which is clever.

Since your proxy server( I have no
experience with them) has the port how did you managed to have the client connect directly to the server. Or is the proxy server routing everything as a go between, and if so how does it handle the multiple clients. I’m a newb to proxy servers.