Can someone help me with jump in Canvas Script?

My current Script Canvas:

The Entity turn 180º to walk right or left, but just jump in up, adding only in z axis, how I make jump add z and x axis, and the Entity don’t jump if walk to right or left, need help to fix that too.

Thank you for your attention.

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Hey @Noskyred

I’m glad for you’re here , welcome to script canvas.

I did it (jump and much more , 8-9 months ago) , if you want make your project with script canvas like jump , forward movement ,backward movemment , shoot , get Ammos , Raycast , throw grenade , etc , so please you see my template in bottom link page :

also , if you want learn much more script canvas & components, please you see this page that help you

if you have questions about script canvas , please let’s me know


ahmad karami

computer teacher & debugger & solo developer & gameplay programmer


Ive been using LY for almost a yr, maybe a tad more not sure, and I"m desperate for help yet though I used 2 @xperson at top of my post, its been 8 days and not a peep.

All I want is a reasonable response, to let me know this engine isn’t DEAD. Why else am I being ignored,don’t you all have some notifications when posts are ‘open’ ?

If I"m asking too much, pls let me know so I can adapt my expectations. YOu can find my post about having to compile my game code for assets added that last time I added them did NOT require that build requirement, but in case:

thx, I hope.

PS- I get you guys are busy, went to GDC ,if so did I miss a post saying you’ve been all gone for a long time and not be able to help anyone ?

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Almost one year and no simple explanation for jump with script canvas.

Working on AI series atm but I will have a video on this but in the meantime:

if you are using physX:

apply your gravity in your character controller SC (many ways to do this let me know if I should expand)

add some force/velocity/movement to the upvector (try get move in the Z should work)

gravity that you set should handle the rest.

thats a simplistic overview while not having the engine oen, once I can, I will do an actual complete video!.

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you can’t use impulses and forces for PhysXCharacterController it’s just imaginary point in space with some collider volume. You’ll have to write physics behaviour for it. With using PhysXCharacterController you can only applying final movement on each frame, there only two useful methods))

Physics::CharacterRequestBus::Event(GetEntityId(), &Physics::CharacterRequestBus::Events::TryRelativeMove, velocity * dt, dt);
Physics::CharacterRequestBus::EventResult(velocity, GetEntityId(), &Physics::CharacterRequestBus::Events::GetVelocity);
but I think in new LY’s engine version we see something new or some functional addition to PhysXCharacterController so it’s will be have same physx behavior as the CryLegacy has before

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Well,if anyone can show jump for side scroller, it will be great!

I’m just now seeing this. we touched lighting on basics of movement with and without Physics below.
If this is still an issue I’m going to add it to my log of movement, camera, and control tutorials.
and here are the videos.

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