Can’t get trees and plants to blow in wind when placed manually

One of the problems I have is when you create a level using designer cubes (so not the terrain) because the terrain limits me a bit, I find it’s impossible to paint vegetation, why is it limited to only painting on the terrain? So I had to manually drag in individual plants and trees which is frustrating, but now that they are there, there are no bending options or nothing so they’re static, is there any way I can make them move? I feel that the ability to paint vegetation on anything is much needed.



Hey @dannymozzer,

When you add your vegetation, select your tree/bush in question, and in the options :


You need to check “GrowOnBrushes”

Make sure your assets have a collision, and you should be all set! :slight_smile:


I managed to get it working with trees using the Legacy Rollup bar.

But I am unable to make it for for static tree meshes with the new Wind Volume.

Made the Wind Volume in a separate entity.

I am unsure if I have done the correct setup.

Followed the Help Here: