Can we set in place for moving animations in Lumberyard's EMotion FX?

I know it’s good to have the animation managed moving for character, but I want to manage my character’s moving with code. I know that we can decide in-place or not in-place when we create animations


But I wonder if we can settings this in Lumberyard’s EMotionFX. I’m testing with rin_walk animation.

Hi @HDN - you can turn off the extraction of root motion on a Motion Node once that motion is hooked up to an Animation Graph. So if you have a Motion Node inside a Blend Tree, like this example of Rin’s animation graph:

… then if you select that Motion Node and look at its attributes, you can see that there is an attribute called “Motion Extraction” with a checkbox after it.


You can use this attribute to decide whether or not to use motion extraction on a particular motion in your Animation Graph. Hope this helps!