Can you help me compile plugin on Ubantu?

Well, it seems pretty clear from other post that Amazon won’t just give us the compiled plug in. So I had to go and install Ubuntu on my old laptop.

Now, I haven’t used linux terminal in ages (15+ yrs?) So I hope that you could help me (and anyone with the same problem) with this.

My thx in advance,

So, after I install cmake, make, openssl and create “out” directory, I typed in:

<code>cmake -DBUILD_FOR_UNREAL=1 ..

Then I ran “make”. The thing said it compiled successfully. I got the file:

I copied the file to “Plugins\GameLiftServerSDK\ThirdParty\GameLiftServerSDK\Linux\x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu”

I guess that’s it?

Guess nobody wanted to help me. On paper it was easy, but I stumble upon lots of small mistake and answering myself the whole way. All in all, this wasted a whole day just to get a simple plugin file that GameLift Staff won’t upload. Hope this helps whoever want to do the linux server.