Can you use GameLift without Lumberyard?

Many of the users of the game service formerly known as (now Yahoo Game Network) are looking for a new home. Yahoo is shutting down their Yahoo Games Portal, so we assume the back end service they provide will be shut-down also. Player.IO supports Flash and Unity games currently. Any chance we could use the GameLift backend without using Lumberyard? Many of us have years invested in our products and are generating decent revenue from them.

Agreed, the AWS service by itself is so valuable to developers. There’s such a big gaping hole for backend services in game dev. Being an indie dev, I was so so so happy to read the announcement.

I would like to know if GameLift will be usable with Unity specifically? And I hope the answer is a resounding yes. The supply of game engines isn’t nearly as abundant as the supply of networking services for games. Especially since Lumberyard doesn’t currently support mobile platforms yet (and its support for 2D games is still up in air), there’s a big group of devs who’s going to be denied this service and a hole bunch of great games canceled…

They will probably try to support as many engines as possible. The engine is bait after all to use it.

I think the answer is yes. Looks like any other AWS service.

Is there hope of getting an official reply? @ly-admin

Q. Can I use the Amazon GameLift with any game engine?
Amazon GameLift currently only supports the Amazon Lumberyard engine.”

I can’t imagine them NOT (eventually) providing wrappers / alternatives to GameLift API so that it is available to Unity and UE4. It would be silly not to given the business model. Silly.

LY exists to sell AWS, not the other way around. GameLift, in my mind, is fundamentally not a LY technology. It may first be exposed and made available to LY as a Gem, but it should be available to all engines, just as the underlying AWS services are.

GameLift makes AWS so mind-numbingly simple to use, that I would hate to see it not be expanded to Unity and UE4. Yes, there is nothing that GL can do that you can’t do directly with AWS, but the learning curve is virtually zero. Huge win for adoption.

If GameLift for Unity was here today, and worked as well as it does for LY, these forums would have hundreds if not thousands more posts. Furthermore, GameLift would be generating far, far more revenue for Amazon than it would through LY only.

In short, GameLift needs to be run as another AWS service, not as a component of LY.

Unity will never make Unity Multiplayer available for LY. Advantage: Amazon As such, Amazon should absolutely make GameLift available for Unity and compete with Unity Multiplayer.

After that, go after UE4. But do Unity first as they are competition. Every game that goes live on Unity Multiplayer = lost revenue potential for AWS (I’m assuming Unity Multiplayer does not sit on AWS). And right now, FAR more Unity multiplayer games are going live than LY games.

IMO, that makes building a GameLift for Unity api/wrapper a no-brainer.

Not sure if you all saw this, but now GameLift can be used with any C# and C++ Game Engine!

Works in Your Development Environment

Amazon GameLift supports games built for major game platforms including Android, FireOS, iOS, Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

FYI, how to use GameLift without Lumberyard. example code:


They just announced support for it.

You can now use Amazon GameLift with your preferred game engine. Whether you use Amazon Lumberyard, Unreal Engine, Unity, or custom C# and C++ game engines, you can leverage Amazon GameLift as a simple, fast, cost-effective tool for hosting dedicated game servers. The Amazon GameLift SDK download contains C# and C++ support and a prebuilt Unreal Engine plugin that accelerates and simplifies integration into Unreal Engine game servers.