Cannot create a new fleet because current limit of C5.large reached

I started to create a fleet but due to an error in the install.bat file it failed to create and gave an error. So I deleted that fleet so I could create a new one with an updated build. But now when I try to create a new fleet it tells me: Error! Cannot create the fleet. Reason: Current limit of instance type of c5.large have been reached…
When I go to the dashboard I can see that no fleets are there, but when I go to the Service Limits it shows that there is currently 1 allocated to fleets. It is now been like that for a few hours, so I’m wondering is this just an issue of needing to wait longer for it to fix itself or is it something that I will need more technical support for?

I am having a similar problem. My limits are reached due to old fleets not being removed form the service limit. My server processes are not terminated smoothly either (OnProcessTerminate(), exitCode(-1)) I don’t know if that might have something to do with it…

If you can provide the fleetid and region, I can get the service team to take a look as that instance should not count against your account once the fleet is deleted.

It also does sound like you have a new AWS account and may need to work with AWS support (through a limit increase issue) to ensure your account qualifies for the default GameLift limits. By default you should get 20 c5.larges I I believe but new AWS accounts may have further restrictions placed upon them.

If you have old fleets that you aren’t using, you can scale them to zero in the console or via update-fleet-capacity. You should then be able to delete the fleets. If you have game sessions that have failed to terminate cleanly then you will need to scale the fleet to zero or wait for auto-scaling to remove the instance from service.

If you’ve deleted the fleets but have instances still attached or counted against them, then thats a bug. If you provide fleet-ids and region, I can get the GameLift service team to take a look and help out.

I had misunderstood how the instance limits work. If I set the maximum instance count to a lower value it gets reflected in the service limits table. However, I still have problems setting an auto scale policy that don’t report that my instance limit is reached. If I manually scale up the instances without any policy my clients have no problems creating sessions. If I set a target 15 percent policy I am often unable to create no more than 2 game sessions.

The issue fixed itself, just took longer than it probably should to properly clean up the deleted fleet from the system I think.