Cannot delete activating fleet..

Just as title said… we have a fleet that stuck in activating mode and cannot delete it.

How do we solve this without waiting for four hours?

edit It’s over 4 hours and we still cannot terminate it. Always got this from console -> “An error occurred (InvalidRequestException) when calling the DeleteFleet operation: Cannot delete fleet fleet-a965c5f1-67bd-4c87-b39c-862725f4185f that is in status of ACTIVATING”

Any solution for this?

Well did manage to kill it after 6 hours. Now my server is stucked on another problem and went into another activating status… very annoying indeed.

Yes GameLift fleets will attempt over a long period of time to go ACTIVE. The timeout for this operation is something we are looking at tuning. In the meantime, you can simply wait for the Fleet to fall into ERROR state and create a new one. You will not be charged for GameLift unless your Fleet is in ACTIVE state along with Instances in the Fleet.

I’m new AWS and Gamelift. Its very unnatural not to be able to turn something off, change settings, and restart it to see if your changes fixed your previous problem. As a developer you expect to go through this process many times before you get things right.

I just spent a long time trying to figure out how to stop a fleet in the Activating state only to come across aws cli command responses that said I couldn’t terminate an Activating fleet and forum posts that collaborated this statement. Not being able to stop, edit, restart, and delete fleets is counterintuitive and unfriendly to people new to Gamelift that would expect to be able to do this.

Thats good feedback. I will make sure the GameLift team sees it.

Hopefully you’ve used GameLiftLocal which allows testing of some of this workflow. I would also suggest adding SSH/RDP ports for your development machine when calling create-fleet, that way you can always remote into your fleets to pull logs for fleets that fail to go Active.

I would suggest though starting new thread forum threads rather reopening very old threads like this one as helps us track new customer issues.

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