Cannot install Visual Studio

When I run the setup assistant it says I need Visual Studio 2013 or 2015.

Visual Studio 2015 has no “get it” link and I cannot find a download for it (thanks MS).

Visual Studio 2013 has a “get it” link which is currently broken.

Thanks for any help.

You can get it, it’s just not easy to find. Go to here:

Once, you’ve signed up for an account search the downloads list for visual studio 2015 SP3 (community version as it’s free). It takes a while to hit the right link but it’s there, I’ve already mentioned they need 2017 support in my feedback thread.

Thanks, I finally found it.

Any ideas as to when Visual Studio 2017 support will be added to Lumberyard?

The “tools development support” in Lumberyard seems to be about 2-5 years behind, I really wish the Devs would work on updating the Development Tools support in Lumberyard (Support Visual Studio 2017, support 3ds Max 2018, 3ds Max 2017, Maya 2018, Maya 2017. By the time Visual Studio 2017 is finally added, I’m sure Visual Studio 2019 will be out! I really hope the Devs can get on this, and please update the tools as quickly as possible. It’s difficult to create a curriculum, or teach a class when the development tools are several years behind.

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Are you using 2019, and somehow got around it ?

Hope you are still monitoring this, as I’m using 2019, seems silly remove it just for the luxury of using this engine.

Again,why is VS 2019 not supported,given we’re at the END of 2019 ?
I already have 2019 ,and NOT about to remove it just fora backwards engine.Why so slow to adopt current components ?