Can't build Project

Have VS Community 15 on Win 10. Lumberyard, set up to run game project, run Editor and tools, compile game code, setup Linux Dedicated server. All prereqa installed except the optional SDKs for FFmpeg and LibAV.

Whether using an included project or trying to start my own, waf configure seems to run fine, but build doesn’t complete. At the command line I get

‘TypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string buffer, list found’

Trying to build from visual studio exits with code 2. Any ideas?

Try building the editor on Debug and see where it crashes.
You often get a better error message there or you can step into the code to see where the crash happens exactly.

So this is really dumb but after getting it to compile successfully I discovered the issue. The default editor shortcuts all point to the VC120 build folder for VS2013, I was building for VS2015.

So I have to check all the options in the setup assistant except for Android and Linux to compile a game. That’s pretty counter intuitive given the third option is compile game code and you would think that would provide all the requirements to run waf build -p game.

Boo, now I can build but the editor won’t start. Check the editor log it says. Where in this mess of hundreds of thousands of files I now have installed on my PC might this log be?

<00:09:54> Failed to load Game DLL “MyTest.dll”

Super helpful.

Ah, thats something I would never have guessed. I use the zip packages from the forums and not the installer :confused: