Can't build amazon gamelift plugin for Unreal

So I went through the steps to generate the binaries for the plugin, found here:

I installed CMake, followed the instructions for the command prompt, and CMake generated a ton of project files in the out folder. I did not see the binaries in the out/prefix folders, so I assumed I had to build the GameLiftServerSDK project file, which I attempted, however I got a ton of errors (the warnings are gone after attempting to build a second time). I’m assuming I’m supposed to build this solution which will generate the binaries. This is for Unreal 4. Here are some screen shots, along with a screenshot of the errors. I can provide all the errors if someone wants me to, but I’m assuming I’m doing just one thing wrong and I don’t actually have to go in and fix these errors individually in the code.

This is what I used in the command line to generate the project files:

mkdir out
cd out
cmake -G “Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64” -DBUILD_FOR_UNREAL=1 …
msbuild ALL_BUILD.vcxproj /p:Configuration=Release

These are the binaries I’m trying to generate:

  • out\prefix\bin\aws-cpp-sdk-gamelift-server.dll
  • out\prefix\lib\aws-cpp-sdk-gamelift-server.lib

You do not need to build the solution, you just need to build the binaries, which is achieved by running

msbuild ALL_BUILD.vcxproj /p:Configuration=Release

which should copy the binaries you need to out\prefix\bin\aws-cpp-sdk-gamelift-server.dll etc

Did this step complete for you? If not can you provide the output/sample errors from the msbuild steps? As the SDK downloads Boost and a few other components its possible that a download/3rd party build step may have failed.

If you got the binaries then follow the steps in the in the plugin directory to set things up for Unreal

I was actually able to compile that solution and get the files. I read elsewhere that I was actually supposed to compile it. I installed Git for windows and also manually installed the boost libraries found in the cmake file. I have no idea what the boost libraries are or what they do, but I figured there’s no way it downloaded all that and installed it in such a short period of time. Anyway, I have the files now, hopefully this will help anyone with a similar problem. My prefix folder was totally empty. If anyone has a similar problem, try installing Git for windows.