Can't build Gamelift Server SDK for UE4

I’ve been trying to build GameLift Cpp ServerSDK 3.2.1 for UE4.
I followed the official guide but it kept showing Error C2220, Warning C4819 when I build ALL_BUILD.vcxproj.

I tried to build ServerSDK 3.1.5 old version with same progress, and it was successfully built.

I’m currently using Visual Studio 2015 community ver to build SDK.

Is there any solution to solve this error?

Thanks for answering me.

It works for me!

Hi @thewarsjjk, It looks like you’re running into this issue here:

If you replace the offending - in gtest-internal.h it should go away. That said, we didn’t intend for google test to be built by default. We will fix it in a later release.

Sorry for the trouble!