Can't build project in project configurator due to VS 2019 not being found when configuring

When I run lmbr_waf configure, I get this message
Configure “win_x64_vs2019 - [debug,debug_dedicated,debug_test,debug_test_dedicated,profile,profile_dedicated,profile_test,profile_test_dedicated,performance,performance_dedicated,release,release_dedicated]”
[WARN] Unable to initialize platform ‘win_x64_vs2019’ (Unable to detect VS2019. Cannot locate vcvarsall.bat at ‘F:\Program Files (x86)\VC\Auxiliary\Build\vcvarsall.bat’). Disabling platform.

However, the setup assistant is able to find VS 2019. I noticed the file it’s looking for is not there, so it’s correct. I’m using the community edition of visual studio 2019, and have installed/repaired the install, but neither of those seem to create the file (which from looking at microsoft sites it says that it should). Has anyone else run into this yet? Just trying to dig into lumberyard as it seems pretty neat, but can’t really get started on the welcome game tutorial playlist found on youtube due to this.


Hello @cainjaa17,

I can’t tell you for sure, but I wanted to check to see if you saw this page:

There are several steps to go through in the visual studio installer.

The changes on that page did it! Thank you, hadn’t seen that page before.

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