Can't change "Target Entity" field of particle emitter

Hello, I am making a targeting system using trail particles however i failed to find a way to change “Target Entity” field from c++ code. Am I missing something or should I make my own method?

Hi @Vidas_Maslauskas,

Could you clarify what you mean by “Target entity”. I’m not aware of any such concept for the particle emitter.

If you want a particle trail to follow the position of something - it will automatically follow the UI element with the particle emitter on it. There is an example of particle trails in the UiFeatures level.

I hope that helps,


Hello @RobP, this is the Target Entity i was talking about.

So far I have only found a way to set it from editor but want to dynamically set it to follow objects in the scene (Connect one object with another). Haven’t checked out the trail feature in UiFeatures level, I will give it a try.

Edit: I checked out UiFeatures sample and it had a simple trail particle emitter with no target set.

Ah, sorry, I was thinking you meant the UI particle emitter.

I’m not familiar with the in game particle system but it sounds like you might have to add a bus method to set that value.

Thanks, i did just that.