Can't Change the Install Directory

Whenever I download the installer I can’t change the install directory for Lumberyard. I go to the options on the first screen and try to change it to my F drive, but when I apply the settings it keeps saying its on the C, When I go back to check the options its still showing F, but no matter what I do it installs on C and I do not have enough room so the installation fails.

My main drive is a small SSD and I prefer using my other large drive for files like this, I have tried other previous versions but they don’t work either.

This is frustrating and I wish you would offer an installation without a dedicated download client.

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Hey @AcidZack, I’m very sorry for this experience – I’ve added this to our feedback on your behalf for further action. Thank you for reporting this :slight_smile:

The base directory of Amazon Games should not be limited to “X:\Amazon Games” where “X” is a driveletter. The whole path should be customizable.

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To install, a drive “C” with requires about 10GB of free space. Installer downloads temporary files that can be deleted after the installation

Since the beginning of gaming on personal computers, game developers/publishers have allowed for installation to any location of your choosing. Why does Amazon break the mold? Because big brother knows best.

Thanks, Amazon Games. :+1: