Can't compile with Visual Studio 2017 15.9

MSVS 2017 will be removed as a build target. We were unable to find an installation of Visual Studio 2017 that matches win_vs2017_vswhere_args=(-version [15.7.4,15.9]), Windows Kit with win_vs2017_winkit=(10.0.17763.0), and win_vs2017_vcvarsall_args=().
Lumberyard defaults use a known good set of options at the time of product release. If your project requires different configuration for MSVS 2017, you can modify these settings in WAF/user_settings.options under [Windows Options].

look at this…

here is my config which is working

win_vs2017_vswhere_args = -version [15.7.27703.2035,15.9.28307.999]

in file user_settings.options

Yeah, it’s painful. I go with:

win_vs2017_vswhere_args = -version [15,16]