Can't find input bindings

I can not find any input settings.

My current project is not complex at all, but the terrain is very.

I’ve looked everywhere , and I can’t find input bindings, though there is a input binding section under the main camera which is part of playerslice.

Where is it kept ? I want to alter it to use keyboard cursor keys instead of wasd.


Open Tools > Asset Editor. In the Asset Editor you can either create a new input bindings file or edit one that is already saved in your project.

Alternatively, on the input component, there is a small joystick icon that opens up the Asset Editor.


I run with a much older card, a GTX 460…if you saw the videos I made, you can see my machine struggle to record at a decent framerate. I’ve set the in-editor graphics lower to increase fps (it’s in global settings I believe). Try changing that, I wouldn’t say LY’s performance is out of line with my machine.

The input bindings files should be very small, like 10 KB, and I don’t know of any reason why opening or editing the bindings would cause a slowdown. The Jack character as a whole is much more complicated, perhaps loading the player slice is more the issue? I know there is small delay loading and saving even the most basic slice.

If you have the playerslice loading into your own level, have you moved all the assets it requires to your project? I ask because when I tried to use Jack in my own level I was kind of deterred by how much I would need to sort out before it was functional.

Ya true, I’d found that late last night /didn’t notice this response, so ya I did make one on my own, however it had no effect on player movement/keys…clearly I had it in wrong place,I discovered looking at startergame (( wow talk about a cpu hog my system crawls when working with it. does this mean my poor i5 3570/gtx 9502gb is outdated now or that LY in beta isn’t optimized sufficiently yet )) that the input has to be inside inputmanager which is child inside playerslice.

Live and learn


Trying to do all I can myself, but sometimes its not clear even with docs:

now editing ‘Jack’ for my own prefs on cursor keys for movement, but on
OPEN and CLOSE of this relatively large input file, the system goes to ‘not responding’ , and indeed, just now as I tried to CLOSE via red x upper right of UI, it crashed LY.

I know its in beta, given that is this likely a beta issue ?

level is very simple, ocean on, somewhat complex terrain ( just sculpting but imaginative use of it) , yet my ‘scene’ is nowhere near as
complex as startergame, which as noted brings my system to very low fps
(10 on average OR less tho a i5-3570 which is still ‘relevant’, and gtx 950 2gb hardly slow- should be enough to avoid this ?).

Just want to make sure thats all it is, a beta thing, given my current level is TINY comparatively speaking to statergame.


Ya its not just you unless your cpu far exceeds mine which it may well do :wink:

I feel the pain as even just my scene with nothing but terrain struggles in some operations like sculpting.

One thing I definitely can’t control is the ocean, It loads whether you want it or not, is that a beta thing ?

I’ve tried unchecking it, but it remains, or is there a global setting I"m missing that really gets rid of it…

" If you have the Playerslice loading into your own level, have you moved all the assets it requires to your project? I ask because when I tried to use Jack in my own level I was kind of deterred by how much I would need to sort out before it was functional. "

I have no idea of what you refer-Ive never head of such a thing nor have I seen that info in any tut,but I"m up for knowing more and how and why .

Jack is very dysfunctional in general, as when I jump, and on a hillside, it stays in midair and doesn’t fall back down ( most of the time), is that a gravity setting off or just a beta character setup issue …Jack has TONS of setting to look at no doubt, could be I’ve missed one that has to do with gravity but I really doubt it…I’ll check for gravity ( if that’s it) and see…

TY :wink:


It is possible to remove the ocean, I don’t know why the global setting doesn’t do it though. Instead, go to Tools > Other > Console Variables (Or click on the {x} icon in the lower left corner of the Console panel). With Console Variables open, search for e_WaterOcean and set it to ‘0’. Global gravity is set from here too.

I would expect Jack to work in the starter level, but if Jack was imported to your own project/level, he is probably missing a few files. I found it easier to start from scratch with character control and camera, testing changes as I added them. When things stopped working properly, it was always related to a bad change I made (usually related to a misunderstanding of how things should work).