Can't Load Editor

I’ve tried to install this editor in so many different ways. Looked at just about all the YouTube install videos for it, read all of Amazon’s documentation on Lumberyard and the thing still won’t load after successfully completing the steps in the Lumberyard Launcher. I’ve tried this on a clean install of Windows 10 four different times. Downloaded and installed Visual Studio 2013 Community with Update 4 and installed all the required software and still not good enough. Here is a screenshot of the very detailed error message.

Here is the log file: 1262-editorlog.txt (15.3 KB)editorlog.txt

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @SouthernFratBoy

to hear you are having trouble running Lumberyard. I have studied your log file; unfortunately Lumberyard is not supported on Mac/OSX at this time, even when run via Parallels. The virtual display driver provided by Parallels is not fully compatible with DirectX 11, which ultimately results in the crash you are experiencing.

If you would still like to try out Lumberyard please install it on a PC with Windows installed natively and let us know what you think.

Thanks, Chris

Hi @Chris,

That’s a shame. You’re losing out to a bunch of Mac-only based developers. I bet a significant amount of people have tried to run Lumberyard in some type of VM. Haven’t developed on a PC/Windows setup in over 5 years. I bet it would work if I just ran Bootcamp with Windows 10. Bootcamp works very well when working with emulation programs and getting Nintendo games to work on a PC without having to have a regular PC (although I caution and stress that this is just a hobby and nowhere near professional).