Cant start LY - Editor

Hi all,

if i start the Editor with the “Startergame” as default and choose a slice and press open , I get the message in Assetproccessor.

“[ 1],[Script],[Lua Error] scripts/gamerules/dummyrules.lua:24: attempt to index global ‘CryAction’ (a nil value)”

and the editor is away but editor.exe is present in taskmanager.

I Rereinstalled all staff with YL, but without success.

best Regards

I solved it by my self:

and restart the

and started


So the Editor was working again.

Best Regards


Hi @Ferry_Icker,

thank you for linking the solution to your issue, I will make sure this is tracked internally so we can prevent this error in the future!

FYI This shouldn’t be causing a crash by itself as its just alerting you to an issue in the script. CryAction has been removed but there are some legacy gamerules files floating around that need to be cleaned up in future releases.

You can comment out the line or remote it safely from scripts/gamerules/dummyrules.lua ie:

function DummyRules.Server:OnStartLevel()
	// CryAction.SendGameplayEvent(NULL_ENTITY, eGE_GameStarted);

to remove this warning.