Changing Level Dimensions


I am currently working on a small map (256x256) and I want it to be more rectangular rather than square, how to do that?


You could use the Terrain Modify tool in Lumberyard to make your terrain look more rectangular by raising or lowering it with the terrain tool in your Editor view. There are 2 ways that I currently know to go about doing this.

In your RollupBar on the 2nd tab:

If you require more precision, you can use the Terrain Editor window.

To resize your terrain, you need to be in the Terrain Editor\Modify\Resize Terrain.

This spawns a sub window & here & you can go from 128
–> 4096 in Heightmap resolution, & the multiplier from x1, x2, x4 etc…… up
to x128.

You cannot resize
the terrain to a non-uniform size, X & Y must always match. Eg: 512x512, 1024x1024 etc…. You are going to have to accept some “non-used” areas in the square map.

Is it possible to make like an earth level where the buildings stand on like a square straight area, but when you travel away from the earth you see the level circular?