character/animation importing issues using Maya FBX import with new EMFX animation editor...

We are currently using LY, and I went through the tutorial no problem. However, when I re-exported my previously set up characters and animations, my character blows up. I’ve tried changing the orientation of the skeleton root bone, re-skinning, etc, but nothing seems to matter. Our characters are created and rigged in Maya, but our animations are created in MotionBuilder. Currently, I have to manually import the animations onto the Maya character prior to exporting from Maya the animation files (I have also tried using the FBX skeleton only animation data from MB, but same results).

what I’m seeing in the animation editor actor window is the mesh comes in correctly in T-pose, but when I turn on the skeleton view, the skeleton is totally mangled for some reason (although in Maya, everything is fine). When I put the animation on the character via the motionset, the skeleton appears normal (but not entirely correct), but the mesh completely explodes. I’ve added some pics:

This character and all the animations that were created for it were working perfectly fine with Geppetto. Should we be completely re-skinning every character which in turn leads to setting up all the MotionBuilder characters files again? Any suggestions would be super helpful. Thank!

Hi @takiyama -

I notice in your Maya screen shot that although the root joint of your skeleton is oriented correctly for Lumberyard from a Y-up Maya scene, you have rotation values on the root joint. The root joint matrix should be at identity (0/0/0 for translate, rotates and scale), so any rotation values need to be set in the Joint Orient values on the joint. So your Joint Orient values should be 90/0/180, while your actual joint rotation values should be 0/0/0. This should be the case for the root bind pose of the character (the Actor in EMFX) so if you change the root orientation of your export skeleton, you will have to reset the bind pose of your character, and also reexport all animations using this character skeleton so that they are correctly oriented with your base skeleton. If your export skeleton has a rig on top of it with constraints, beware if your base skeleton and rig are referenced into your animation files, as the animation file reference node will “remember” the orientation of the constraint, and may snap it back into its (previous) undesirable position. An easy way around this is to rename any constraints on the root joint. Hope this helps, please keep us updated with your results. You can also look at a similar post here:

ok thanks very much. I will try this out and get back to you on the outcome. :slight_smile:

Hi Castor… I was
able to fix the issue by changing the Joint Orient values to what you wrote
above, reset the bind pose, etc… The one thing that helped was deleting
all history on my skeleton after setting up the Joint Orient values before
reskinning. Thank you for the assistance!

Hi @takiyama - You’re welcome, glad you were able to get it working, and thanks for sharing your tip about deleting history on the skeleton.