Character animations

In this video game engine you can record animations of a character with his skeleton, his skin and animations and pass it on to a character that does not have animations, the question is how

maybe just use mixamo im not sure how to do it in lumberyard. this video tutorial sets up a guy with mixamo. also mixamo can re-map a rig to work with their animations. Lumberyard RPG #1 - Setting up the Project - YouTube

Hi @NewUser-d84f70ec-a78! You need to have the same skeleton for different actors to get the animations to work between them. I hope this makes it a bit more clear, just check the starter project with the extra characters download on the LY site to see the skeletons and how they are the same, at least spelt the same and the same bone count for body.

Hello, you have a video tutorial if I understand it

Look at something like the LY characters download here:, These characters can be used to switch between animations, because there skeletons match. You can check this all out on the LY Youtube page: Organize your Lumberyard Animation Graph with Node Groups | Lumberyard Tutorial 2020.05 - YouTube

Hello, animating the characters I got it thanks

Hello, navigation area turns red and not blue I do not know if it is normal for this blue you have to give a button give me some advice

Under the tab Game on the top left → AI a tab inside that one, you should see a few items you can check through and see if it changes this. Other than that, there is a simulate button on the bottom right or Ctr + P, this may change it as well if I remember correctly this changed it to blue for me.

Hello, thanks from red to blue for me it was control Ctrl + E

Hello, what do I have to do so that my capsule passes through the three points that I have on the ground, it would be a great help if you send a screenshot you said that it is programmed with the canvas, but I don’t know which nodes I have to put thanks

Honestly what I sent was just to continue throwing the capsule around, I have not gotten into ai in a long time, so for help on ai related items I am not the right person. What I was talking about for the graph was basically just going to move the capsule to the three points, regardless of the ai, and navigation area.

Thanks for your help I would like to be your student if you have a YouTube channel

Sorry I don’t do tutorials, I am not sure if you have discord or not, but there is a Lumberyard Discord server that a lot of people are in, getting help there is much easier, and I check it more often then the forums.