Character control

Hello, try to learn things from samples, tutorials, mostly camera examples and faced the misunderstanding of some aspects. For custom character control, what exactly i need to do? After look all this samples, my head give me a messy things like this… I need take a primitive capsule, take and link camera to capsule( first person, as example), make capsule movable FG, take animation entity( add my character with anim), Make FG to play diferent animations (WASD) and link also to capsule… this is how it works or? sorry, really new to this things

And ofcourse will be very grateful for more advanced tutorial about this, how to setup character, how to make it movable, attachments to character( like weapons, swords) and all things like this. Thanks

Hey @Menthol,

Yes, that is certainly one way you can set up a character control. You can use the one from the SamplesProject as a reference because it is also set up through Flow Graph, but the major difference is that the character is driven through physics instead of through animations.

We appreciate your feedback on what tutorials you would like to see next!