Character Controller with Mouse Movement for Camera and Character Movement

I need some help figuring out a little problem. My issue is while I have a whole character figured out through script canvas, I can’t figure out what script canvas code I can use to make the character move forward when the camera moves (Like any fps game) Any help would be very nice. Thanks! :ocean:


Here is a post from a while ago that goes into detail on camera setup. You’ll need the Camera and Camera Input Framework gem installed. It includes the script canvas graphs to take a look at, most of the setup needed is on the components. Here is a video of the level:

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Thank you so much @Finite_State this is a big help for me. I like how much you are going over everything it really is helping me learn this process easier. I hope you can help more people with this much detail, because it is a big help to me thx. :ocean:

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