Characters in Lumberyard with Script Canvas

I was wondering if anyone has anything on how to make a character in Script Canvas, that works nicely, and not as buggy as all the ones I make :joy: .

the last thing I was able to do regarding the character, animation. The character works fully, and he also has root animation, so if you make a shooter and if the character dies you can easily add a ragdoll and any other ideas are also very simple to implement.

You can also look and test the example of a cowboy who is in

in the near future, it is possible with the next update, developers will add a new sample with a test level, the robot is completely made for the canvas script. I really wait for him and I think it will be awesome!


Hi @WashedUpStudios

this two lessons is about config a character in emotion fx & script canvas , plus , connected a character in script canvas , I hope, this two lesson useful :blush:

if you see this lessons , please send your feedback :slightly_smiling_face: :rose: