Chat log UI recommendation



I am currently attempting to implement a UI Canvas that can accept new data to dynamically create lines like a chat log with a scroll to see previous messages. I have worked with the dynamic layout a bit but was wondering if there any samples of something like this that I have missed in the SamplesProject, or recommendations of how to layout a UI element like this.

Hi @naotoy,

Some games have implemented a chat window UI using the UiDynamicScrollBox component for the chat log. I would recommend that as the best way we have so far. You could have a very long log but it only creates UI elements for the visible entries.

The limitation is that, currently, the UiDynamicScrollBox only supports elements that are the same size. So you could allow each entry in the log to be up to a fixed number of lines (2 for example).

We have a feature request to extend the dynamic scrollbox to allow variable size entries which we plan to implement in a future release.

I hope that helps.


Thank you @RobP ! That information definitely helps.