Child Sort Order Changes In Slices

Entity Sort Order of slices changing when they user did not make changes causes slices to appear to differ from source and makes it difficult to track which slices differ from source in the outliner. When the sort order can change at any time it causes functions like get children to have unreliable results when those children had an expected order.

Are you talking in the Entity Outliner? Because I have around 50 children in one slice, and the order has never changed between the children. Are they named the exact same?
Edit* if this is more or less an issue for unreliability with SC, and getting the children, you should just set your scripts up to get the children, and look for the one you want via name. Then even if the order does change it will not effect anything, or at least should not.

Yes, in the entity outliner. It happens upon saving a slice - they names do not need to be the same for it to do this. When saving slices, you have never seen this happen? It happens almost every time for me. This is going to be more common with larger slices I assume - say at least 10 entities in them.

Ok, I just checked, and when you are mid saving the entities do seem to flip around, but when the save is completed they all seem to go back to there correct location in the list. I did it on one with 10 exactly, and one with 17 entities, both I took a screenshot before and looked at the before/after, and they continue to align correctly. Are they only switching during the save, or do they stay switched after the save is completed?

This is actually a known issue, but in this case I wanted to raise it here to get additional attention as it is really hurting the workflow of my project.

I appriciate you trying to reproduce this with me in any case. =) I’m glad it hasn’t caused you problems thus far!

“* Changes that you make to a slice instance may impact the order of any child elements that are added to the slice instance.”

hmm, I am sorry I can’t help on this, if they know, I think it should be fixed in a future release, maybe even the next one.

I hope so, and you have helped just by being part of a conversation around the issue =).