Class panel or API Lua Reference for ALL Instruction?


what is it??

class panel or API Lua Reference for ALL Instruction???

yes i clicked but anything!!

Target:None" or right of “Context:Default”

what is “Target:None” or right of Context:Default""??

Solved :wink:

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i tested, Target:None" or right of "Context:Default

if you can , please make a video tutorial about “Target:None” or right of “Context:Default”

Hello @AhmadKarami,

Have you tried clicking on the button left of the “Target:None” or right of “Context:Default”?
I have noticed that seems to populate it for me.
We are always looking for your feedback on this and are continuously improving the Lua Editor. Please let us know if there is anything else that you would like to see.


Where can I access using pipe components/LuaScript.
Where functions components related with Lua Script???