Cloud Canvas is disabled

After putting in the keypair, I’m unable to use cloud canvas, just the STS federated web console. The editor console shows this warning.

[Warning] (Cloud Canvas) Disabled because G:\lumberyard-1.0-143307e-pc\dev\Code\Sandbox\SDKs\Python\x64\Lib does not exist.

How do I repair the install?

Hi @Nic

Thanks for posting, we’re currently investigating this issue. In the meantime, can you run the Lumberyard Launcher (LumberyardLauncher.bat) and then check the version of Python you have installed by finding the Python entry on the Required SDKs page?

What “required sdk’s” page do you mean?

Can you try going back to the “Getting Started” selection and check any of the checkboxes associated with “I want to compile…”?

Shows the sdks as being installed but they’re not in the location the editor is looking for

Hello @Nic

Can you post a picture (windows explorer) of your “dev/Code/Sandbox/SDKs” directory?

Also, can you verify that you have a “3rdParty/Python” directory containing folders for “2.7.8” and “2.7.10”?

Both of these directories would start from your lumberyard root install directory.