Co-operative work

I do programming in school and out, i work on coding and level/game design with friends, i just wanted to know is it possible to share work and or work on the same project together? This would make my life so much easier as well as to increase the pace of when a project can be released.

It’s our goal with Cloud Canvas to make the cloud understandable by game developers :slight_smile: We have a ways to go, but to answer your question @Nexk, yes, you can work in a collaborative environment. From the Cloud Canvas perspective, here’s what you need to do (until we can make this easier!):

  1. One person on your team needs to be the Administrator. They need to setup the AWS account and initialize your Lumberyard project to use Cloud Canvas using the command line, as described here:

  1. The Administrator can then check everything into the source control that you and your team use.

  2. The Administrator needs to create an IAM user for each person on the team and apply the Managed Policy that was created for them in Step 1 to each of those users.

  3. The Administrator has each user enter their Access Key and Secret Key into the Cloud Canvas permissions window. This will grant each person on the team access to the resources in the AWS account.

  4. Using Flow Graph, developers can now make calls to the AWS resources such as Databases, cloud storage locations, etc.

If you are paying for AWS then yes I believe. This whole engine can utilize Amazon Cloud service. So if that pack is enabled and you have an account then I believe others you give access to can access you stored files in the cloud.

But then again no one understands the F’ing cloud

So in theory, if I set up the cloud, me and my work mate could both be in the same level editing separate areas ?