COLLADA scene node naming convention for Lumberyard?

I’m working on creating a custom exporter for generating content, but I suspect the naming convention for the scene nodes has changed between Lumberyard and CryENGINE. The DAEs still load fine in the RC.EXE, but it never finds and processes the node data.

For CryENGINE, it was something like this:

What chances have been made to the scene node naming conventions for Lumberyard?

Hi @Nintari,

We’ve essentially replaced “CryExportNode” with “LumberyardExportNode”. Give that a shot and let us know how that works out.

Yes-- I tried that id already thinking that might be it, but it didn’t work. It doesn’t throw an error either. It just never processes the nodes.

Strangely enough, if I convert my DAE using the FBX SDK and run that against the RC compiler, it will compile a CGF. So it doesn’t seem that the DAE file information is incorrect, but rather it’s just not getting processed by RC.EXE.

The end of the log for the DAE:

1> 0:05 ---------------------------------
1> 0:05 File=‘boxthing.dae’

1> 0:05 Loading XML…

1> 0:05 Finished loading XML.

1> 0:05

1> 0:05

1> 0:05

1> 0:05

1> 0:05 Finished loading ‘D:\Lumberyard\dev\SamplesProject\Levels\Test\boxthing.dae’

1> 0:05

1 file processed in 0.0 sec.

Memory: working set 16.7Mb (peak 19.0Mb), pagefile 22.1Mb (peak 25.9Mb)

Finished at: Thu Feb 11 11:58:08 2016

0 errors, 1 warnings.

The end of the log for the FBX:

1> 0:05 ---------------------------------

1> 0:05 File=‘boxthing.fbx’

1> 0:05 Getting all nodes

1> 0:05 Importing scene from file ‘D:\Lumberyard\dev\SamplesProject\Levels\Test\boxthing.fbx’

1> 0:05 FBX unit: meters, 100.000000cm

1> 0:05 Converting scene’s forward & up coordinate axes ‘-Y+Z’ to Lumberyard’s ‘-Y+Z’

1> 0:05 User scale: -1.000000

1> 0:05 Source unit size: 100.000000cm

1> 0:05 Final scale (includes user scale and conversion to meters): 1.000000

1> 0:05 Matching nodes/hierarchies: 1

1> 0:05 Origin: local

1> 0:05 Loading CryPhysicsRC.dll…

1> 0:05 Loaded CryPhysicsRC.dll

1> 0:05 Unloading CryPhysicsRC.dll…

1> 0:05 Unloaded CryPhysicsRC.dll

1 file processed in 0.0 sec.

Memory: working set 16.9Mb (peak 21.0Mb), pagefile 22.7Mb (peak 27.3Mb)

Finished at: Thu Feb 11 12:01:56 2016

0 errors, 1 warnings.

PS - Nothing fancy. Just a box with 2 materials.

We’ll take a look to see if there is an underlying bug or if there is something else required to get it to process a DAE.

Perfect, this is just what I needed. I’ll try this modification and let you know if I have any additional problems. Thanks for your help!

After investigating, here is the difference in the formatting that works when switching DAEs from Cry formatting to Lumberyard formatting:

<node id="CryExportNode_nameofmodel">

Should be switched to:

<node id="nameofmodel" LumberyardExportNode="1">

Where is it you go to switch the node id formatting