Collision in multiplayer and using RPC's and Datasets in LUA

EDIT: Restarting the editor fixed all these problems…

Hello guys,

i’m struggling with setting up a networked trigger area. My goal is to have something like a “power-up” which a player can pick up, possibly call some function on that player entity and destroys the power-up (or just deactivate it, whatever).

And here i’m stucked. I have no plan how to do this. I tried a couple hours several things but neither worked. The main problem is when i have a entity with a trigger component (+netbinding component ofc) and try it in LAN, the trigger gets only called on the master client. Why does it happen and how can i fix this?

Besides that problem, i tried using RPC’s. Calling an RPC in the editor works fine, but when i try to do the same within the standalone .exe the RPC itself is NIL, why?

It would be nice to have a code-example of how to use RPC’s in LUA.

Thanks and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Interesting! Fetching some answers from our team on this :slight_smile:

Haha — I had this happen to me yesterday on a different topic! But to your point, I am poking the team for said examples / references. Stay tuned ^-^

Well, i restarted the Editor and now everything works fine… -_-

But nonetheless an code sample on how to use RPC’s and Datasets would be awesome.

For example the documentation says whenever the value from a netsynched value changes the corresponding callback will be called (if specified) but this never happens.