How do I get properties of Collision.entity? I have the entity with “skeleton” tag and a bullet(slice). Collision works perfectly well, it detects the skeleton as I expected, but how I can change the properties of Collision.entity? (for example skeleton has HP in properties and I want to decrease it) Screenshots attached (my white string doesnt work)

Hi @Phantomny
You can use Script Canvas , I see script canvas is very powerful in 1.25 , you can learn script canvas very easy , also script canvas is on the base lua/c++ :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Phantomny,

I’m sorry I missed your original post, sometimes the volume of email I get is pretty high and miss the notifications.

There are no plans to remove Lua from Lumberyard.

For what you’re trying to achieve I would recommend using Script Events, these are designed as a mechanism to communicate between different Entity scripts.

You can define a script event for your Collision Events, then you can Send an event from the collision handler and on your entities you would implement a script event receiver. You can pass in data through these events which you could use to specify how many hit points to subtract when a collision takes place.

Apologies again for missing your original post.

Thank You very much, that is helpful information. Good news about Lua, I personally dont like script canvas (in all engines, I dont understand logic of it) and prefer traditional scripting. But is it possible to get Lua examples from 1.24? Was really helpful, I have learnt a lot of things from it. Anyway thank You for the link, I read the documentation before, but missed this one.

Yes , a example of script language, I like C# component for Lumberyard :wink:

Hi @Phantomny,

You can get access to the previous version scripts on github:

There will be some gaps however as that version of Starter Game used several legacy systems.

Sorry, I didnt know about it… Its really great that you kept old examples! Respect to amazon team, my bad