Commercial Usage of Dynamic Vegetation Sample

Hello Lumbernauts, I wanted to clarify if I may use the assets inside the “” provided on the Lumberyard website, in my commercial game?

When I contacted through the below form, they told me to ask you guys through the forum.

So please give me an affirmative “yes” or “no” pls…

Also, can you guys please help me with the link to download the sample project in this tutorial by AWS pls… Again, will be using the nature elements , rocks/trees/plants in my commercial game

Hey @lokkkiii,

From our FAQ:

Q: Can I use the game assets that are included with Lumberyard in my game?
A: Yes. Lumberyard includes asset packs that you can use in your games and prototypes. We also provide additional high-fidelity assets and samples that you may find useful on our website.

Q: Can I redistribute assets from Lumberyard or Lumberyard sample projects?
A: Not on their own. You can modify and/or redistribute Lumberyard sample assets such as audio, textures, meshes, animations, game data files, and scripts as part of your game. But you can’t, for example, resell Lumberyard assets in an asset store.

As for the old tutorial asset content, the majority of it comes with the StarterGame project that is included with the Lumberyard download. We recommend using v1.25+ because the assets have been updated to use the latest systems, where the GSG tutorials were from old systems and workflows.

Hope that helps!