Community Feature or Fix List

I expect the community will always have a requested list of features and fixes that will exceed the ability of the development team to address in the next release of Lumberyard. However, what would be the one major feature or fix you would like to see in the next update? If there is a minor feature/fix or two, what would those be?

I’m not certain what mine would be yet, I still need to spend more time with Lumberyard 1.13 first. Some of my requests may have already been taken care of in the most recent update! :stuck_out_tongue:

For the moment, I think I’ll list supporting Visual Studio 2017 in the installer as a good place to start.

A milestone to look forward to is the day when the requested list of fixes is longer than the list of requested features.

Hey @Douglas! Thanks for bringing this up :smiley:

Glad to see that the recent updates solved some of the requests you had and we’re continually working to improve as much as possible. VS2017 is a very large topic on the community request list right now. It’s super frustrating for users that want to advance and I totally get it as well—the team’s doing their best to ensure you get a smooth experience, and for those delays we are very sorry :frowning:

As always, we’re listening to the community so I’m definitely curious to seeing what the community things would be a major feature to add or improve on aside from VS2017. Let us know folks!

You’ve already started this but I would like to see the c++ reference guide expanded. In particular an overview of all the EBuses.

Outside of Lumberyard, I would want a place where the community can view/upvote suggested features, and see general progress (i.e. a roadmap) for the next Lumberyard update.

In Lumberyard itself, I personally haven’t been able to get videos working using FFMPEG/LibAv outside of the editor, so I would want to see steps towards improving that. I would also want to see support for transparent videos.

I think the UI animation component needs to be reworked; there is currently no way to reuse an animation across different objects/UI canvases, which is a pain.

I would also want the ability to use individual sprites in the Flipbook animation component.

Cutting down on the manual/time consuming part of the build process would also improve my quality of life with this engine (seriously, this one; I am afraid to switch projects because it takes like an hour or more to rebuild everything).