Community Letter from your Tutorial Designer John Diaz

Hey Lumbernaughts!

It’s your friendly neighborhood Tutorial Tech Designer aboard the Lumberyard team writing a quick note to say how much I’ve enjoyed working with you to create videos that get you more comfortable with this complex and powerful 3D engine to bring your vision to life.

It’s been an amazing 2 years & 10 months working for Amazon Game Tech, since version 1.12 to the upcoming 1.26 and thanks to you all the channel has grown to 9.9k subscribers! I’m confident we’ll hit that 1st YouTube milestone of 10k subscribers, and the Discord channel is at nearly 500 members thanks to @Finchy .

I had a vision when I joined Amazon 3 years ago in October of 2017, that I wanted to shift away from the typical AAA games model of dedicating 4 or more years to a project and shift to a working on a game engine where I could be involved with multiple projects. To that end I would learn this new up and coming engine before the world knew what Amazon was working on, and pay it forward by creating tutorials. When I was hired I was under the impression I would do write ups with screen shots. I had no idea how to edit videos. I never touched Adobe Premiere, After Effects, or Audition, and certainly never handled a professional camera, dealt with lighting, or handled acoustics. But this is what people wanted and thus what the job demanded. And so I learned and taught myself from video tutorials. As I write this I’ve produced around 100 pieces of content across the Game Tech & Lumberyard channels. It is because of the community that I’ve been able to thrive here.

Throughout my tenure at Amazon, I’ve had the opportunity to help game developers to bring many games to fruition and this in turn, lead to new opportunities that will allow me to continue to do this and grow professionally in the industry.

I will still be a part of this community on the forums and on the Discord, and continue to tinker and share my findings on Lumberyard. And I’ll make sure to share it here with you all first and foremost.

So my spot on the team is vacant and if you are a self-driven developer who can build content and know how to work with the Lumberyard engine, then please show the community what you are capable of building and express interest on the forums.

I’ve seen the elusive roadmap of where Lumberyard is heading and the future looks mighty bright, and I urge you all to keep learning, building, sharing, collaborating, and letting the developers know what you need and it will happen. I plan on being here at your side and sharing your voice.

See you on the other side Lumbernaughts! :wave:t5:


Hi @JKingpin :rose:
I Love your video tutorials & your voice & your positive energy, I’m upset :pensive: you do not making video tutorials , Thank you for all your efforts, you helped us all. As a computer teacher, I tell you, your efforts are very valuable and appreciated, our hearts are with you. :hearts: :pray:


Awesome speech! You are well done!

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Best of luck for the future, John, and thanks for your efforts.

I admire the indefatigable positivity, but I must say that I don’t take your departure as a particularly encouraging sign.

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I really like you even though I don’t know you all that well. But I can tell you put a lot of love into lumberyard and its community. Well done, sir. I probably wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about lumberyard if it weren’t for you.

Good luck with everything.


Who produces/making the official Amazon Lumberyard tutorials instead of dear John Diaz (@JKingpin ) :question::question: :thinking:

It’s important that official tutorials continues, right :question: :face_with_monocle:

I think , The community also agrees to continue to build official tutorials , Now who :question:

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Perfect post. My brother _AhmadKarami

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Thank you my dear brother and dear master :rose: :hearts: :slightly_smiling_face:

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