Community Lumberyard Discord

Looking for support for Amazon Lumberyard? An active community of game devs, hobbyists, and generally thoughtful technical folks? Or maybe you’re just looking to chill somewhere full of engaged, knowledgeable gamers. If so, welcome to the Lumberyard Discord channel!

Feel free to check it out and ask questions or offer your own insights! You’ll find many active users as well as a number of Lumberyard’s developers and staff. Stay up-to-date on critical updates and information about Lumberyard, or get advice on how to use the product from the people that built it.

When you join, be sure to checkout the rules, and make sure you take the full advantage of the server’s features!

This is an update from our Previous Thread from when the server was created


I recommend The Dev Shop here: instead

It’s imperative I always given my two cents about this particular discord because I do not believe the people in charge of the discord Finchy posted here are good for the Lumberyard community.

The linked discord here is a really bad discord because they seem to only want to appease Lumberyard devs and do not allow constructive criticism because they seem to think it frightens off Lumberyard devs. It’s pretty pathetic just how sycophantic they seem to be.

I think most people would find a friendlier and more constructive atmosphere at the dev shop.

Just as an example, I said that the docs should be a wiki since they are so incredibly slow to update very important information and I said if anyone cared enough they should change an error that was in the docs. For this I was banned. I was banned because I was already warned not to give constructive criticism (they claimed the recommendation to make it a wiki wasn’t constructive criticism, which… is obviously untrue - it’s clearly constructive) before because they want to foster a positive attitude so that the lumberyard devs stick around. But anyone who has been part of any kind of community recognizes how toxic that is to a community. And my experience in the discord promoted here is that it’s filled with elitist developers who scoff at indie and beginners or hobbyists and appear to get extremely irritated when people request pretty basic directions (it doesn’t help that the docs are so poorly updated).

Anyway, that’s just my two cents. I think promoting Finchy’s et al discord is extremely bad for the lumberyard community.

Another issue I had was that one of the lumberyard devs had tried to sell me his tutorial series in DM (we met through this discord) and when I told him I couldn’t afford he said I could get free access to some portions. I asked how I could do that and he totally ignored my request and then immediately blocked me. It was extremely unprofessional. Anyway, that’s my experience with this discord.

Again, I highly recommend The Dev Shop. It’s ran by a hobbyist and someone who actually cares about users and isn’t elitist and presumptuous.

Hello @wcb,

First i would like to say sorry for your bad experience with the discord, However, we do take the rules seriously over there. We always give multiple warnings, we do not remove unless there is a rule broken. I would also like to take a second to clarify, We always welcome people giving their ideas, Opinions and Experiences. What we do not welcome, is rudeness and trolling to anyone. We are trying to be a welcoming community for everyone and give everyone an enjoyable experience.

Now, I cannot speak for the devs, but from what i have seen, they do try to reply as much as they can, but i doubt they will reply to, like i said, rudeness and trolling. The Lumberyard team we have in there are amazing and do help when they can, they have solved a lot of issues and tried to find resolutions for issues they don’t really know how to solve right off the bat. They work hard and try their best, They are a valuable part of the community there. Are they perfect? No, but they do try.

Also, As for the dev and “Some Portions”, let me clarify, if we are talking about the same dev, of course. He wrote a book, and yes the book does cost money, since 1. Its not easy, and 2. It takes a lot of time and work, Now these most likely aren’t the only two reasons, adding that there may be a cost to publish on Amazon and any fees associated with it. (Can’t say as i’ve never published a book) HOWEVER, He has all the code/examples available on, i believe, Github, For everyone to view and he doesn’t try to hide it either, He lets you know its there for reference.

I recommend both discords, as one may have an answer the other doesn’t and having more places to ask and share your experiences/knowledge is always good in a community and who knows? maybe someone from one community could help the other community significantly. The only way to grow stronger is to work together.

Thank you for voicing your concerns,

Have an amazing dev experience,


Of course communities with bad admins will always say they are fair and balanced. I know I did nothing wrong or “trollish” or “rude.” All I can do is relay what my experience was. You’re more than welcome to add your own as you have but I want to reiterate to those reading this that I am not being dishonest in what I’ve said here. I sincerely did experience admins behaving irrationally and unfairly toward me and I did experience a lumberyard dev behaving unprofessionally toward me. I wasn’t complaining about something costing money. I was complaining that the lumberyard dev acted unprofessionally by failing to respond to my simple question of how to access his free material and then blocking me for no good reason at all. I did not troll. I was not rude. I didn’t spam him.

Maybe you don’t see any of this happening because you’re either not looking, don’t offer constructive criticism, or maybe the admins have actually taken a turn to start acting more rational which is great and I hope is the case and I hope it remains the case if true.

But again I highly recommend the Dev Shop. The discord offered here by Finchy is a community wrapped up in the dogma that they have to appease Amazon ly devs just so they stay in the room is on the path sycophancy (if not there already) and will result, as it did for me, with admins behaving irrationally and not interpreting constructive criticism correctly.

But as for the lumberyard dev, I really don’t know what to say about that except that it was extremely unprofessional and I honestly believe I should have reported that incredibly gross behavior to whoever is the superior because that sort of behavior is totally unbecoming and reflects badly on amazon.

I really do not think it’s appropriate to be hiding comments which seek to share personal experiences one has had, alternative recommendations, and constructive criticisms. As far as I know I’ve broken no forum rules. If I have please point out the rule I broke and justify how you believe I broke it. Otherwise if no valid justification can be given, hiding my perfectly valid comment is just an irrational emotive outburst due to a subjective displeasure at the points I’m making or at the experiences I’ve had that you for whatever reason doubt are truthful representations of what had happened.

BTW: I asked the lumberyard dev for an apology through one of the other admins and to this day I still have not received an apology.

I tried having a look at the discord, but it immediately cut me off and demanded that I verify my account with a phone number. I’ve no interest in giving Discord my personal phone number, so I guess that’s the end of that.

that is the program, not the channel…

No, I’m not using their app, just a browser session. But yes, it’s the platform causing the problem, not the specific channel.

Just thought I’d let you know my experience when I tried to have a look. I do actually think it’s a pity that community activity so often gets drawn away from open forums and into the silo of a proprietary chat app, but that’s another topic.