Community Spotlight: Ahmad Karami

@AhmadKarami is an indie game developer who lives in
Bukan City, Iran. He has been making and working in games for the last 5
years. Ahmad started using Lumberyard almost immediately after it came out. Ahmad has an engineering degree and teaches game development at Sohail Private School. He uses his vast knowledge to produce and release tutorial content on his YouTube page. So
if you want to learn Lumberyard, and you speak Persian, we highly suggest you
check out Ahmad’s videos.

Thanks @@AhmadKarami for all you do.


thank you so much dear binky

Congrats @_AhmadKarami! Keep up the good work!


SURE,Thank you so much @lmbr_Saulty & @Binky_LMBR for your support :slightly_smiling_face: :pray: :pray: :rose: :rose: also, I have new positions in my country :wink: