Compile the game code without other compile dependencies fails [1.23.1]


I created a new empty project. When I just check “Compile the game code” in setup assist then I get compile error (missing Qt dependencies):

Build failed
Compilation failed - File: 'AutoCustomWindowDecorations.cpp.9426794.obj', Module: 'AzQtComponents', Configuration: 'win_x64_vs2017|profile', error code 2
    Input Files:   'i:\Amazon\lumberyard\dev\Code\Framework\AzQtComponents\AzQtComponents\Components\AutoCustomWindowDecorations.cpp'
    Output Files:      'i:\Amazon\lumberyard\dev\BinTemp\win_x64_vs2017_profile\Code\Framework\AzQtComponents\AzQtComponents\Components\AutoCustomWindowDecorations.cpp.9426794.obj'
                i:\Amazon\lumberyard\dev\Code\Framework\AzQtComponents\AzQtComponents/Components/AutoCustomWindowDecorations.h(13): fatal error C1083: 'QObject': No such file or directory

as a workaround I also chceked “Compile Engine xor Editor and Tools” - but this make longer compilation time.

Do you have the idea how to fix it ?

You are going to replace waf by cmake in future releases so please provide then a minimal project solution to increase speed of compilation time.

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hi! for me if I select only “compile the game code” game project compiles fine, but the Editor fails on trying to create level for the empty project(
I think this is question for the QA testing team? Did they test all this options to create project ? and why minimal build -“compile the game code” not works properly for bare new project?

I had a similar problem with QT - I tried a number of things to fix it, in the end I just deleted and redownloaded the 3rd parties, and did a full clean rebuild