Complex clothing with NvCloth in 1.23

Hello! With old nvidia apex tech (+ other game engine) there was possibility to define the render mesh( with complex topology, thickness etc) and the simulation (or driver) mesh (with simple, clean and even topology, without thickness). Is this possible with this implementation of the NvCloth tech? I looked at examples, docs, and didn’t found anything like that, but this feature is completely must have for the character clothing. Without it it’s hard to simulate anything more complex than skirt or flag (example-coat with thickness, buttons and other attachments, thick rough wool cape etc). Thanks!

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Thanks for your feedback and sorry you are having difficulties using NVIDIA Cloth Gem with complex meshes.

The good news is that we are aware of this limitation and giving support for complex meshes is something we have in our roadmap. This is the kind of feedback that is very useful, as it helps us to prioritise features.

Unfortunately I cannot provide a time estimation at the moment. But please keep an eye on future releases of Lumberyard for further updates of NVIDIA Cloth gem.



Thanks for answer! It’s a bit sad because right now we will have to look for alternatives, maybe chains of bones. I really hope for the fix in the next releases. Best regards)

Hi @yura.sholudchenko,

We have improved NVIDIA Cloth Gem in Lumberyard 1.27 so “Users can work with complex meshes for cloth simulation. Our solution now applies a simplification step that removes duplicated vertices (often added for texture rendering) from the mesh conversion. This results in a physical mesh with the correct topology for cloth simulation.

Feel free to give it a go and let us know what you think.


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