[COMPREHENSIVE REFERENCE] Tutorial Links for Lumberyard Compiled just for you!.

Hi guys! so I’ve seen alot of post asking for tutorials on certain subjects with some subjects being covered but never pointed to. So, I figured i’d compile video links and whatever else to get a central area for newbies and everyone to view.

Maybe this can get pinned @Binky_LMBR , @Amonster_LMBR

Ill also be making a separate thread with all my tutorials thus far!

If you see a resource(also important tutorial post that are sprinkled about the forums) that i have missed out on, please let me know and i’ll add it!.


1.AMAZON GAME TECH (Obviously lol) - tuts on Amzn gamedev eco-System (LY, AWS etc)

2.COGNITIVE STUDIOS CHANNEL (Me) - lumberyard tuts & video series as well as game dev vids

  1. CODE SPANNER CHANNEL - non-specific LY tuts, digs into components(C++) fairly new channel on LY.

4.BRIAN BURTON CHANNEL - script canvas, general setups as well as some lua tutorials, he also has LY books available.


LY on REDDIT - didnt know we had one, wish it was more active, no you know it exist make it happen :slight_smile: .

BRAIN56 - Worded breakdown tutorials on different thing in LY, such as player controller creation & more.

THIRD KIND GAMES - serveral worded tuts on alot of LY things mainly using C++, which is always welcomed they also have a released game called “THE DRG INITIATIVE

NOT UPDATED, But USEFUL (as of 9/30/2018)

below are channels that have multiple video but havent uploaded in 6+ months to year(s). or cover older version of the engine only.

WRITTEN TUTS by AMAZON - updated last on ver 1.10 i believe.

AMAZON GAMEDEV CHANNEL - assortment of starter videos on older version of engine (created before amazon game Tech took over)

MISTERTOOLBOX CHANNEL - tuts on different topics such as UI, setup, creating components etc

DOUGLAS BUZZELL - tuts on things like Version control, and basic setups

SAMUEL DASSLER - non-specific tuts on older versions of the engine.

AHMAD KARAMI - several diffferent vids on LY, seems to have moved on to Cryengine.


No problem!

[Pinned] Love this — thanks for putting it together @Cstudios15! :smiley:

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Thanks for the list!

I’m going to bump this as it is the only consolidated resource I’ve been able to find. I’m hoping we can get this updated and additional content added?

For example, Brain56 hasn’t been updated in a year, maybe move to the “NOT UPDATED” section? A few broken links and the other older “NOT UPDATED” stuff I didn’t really check out as the first link “WRITTEN TUTS” just redirects to the forum homepage.

I found a bunch of old docs in places like this: New and updated tutorials now available - January 2017

But I didn’t see anywhere that is all aggregated, it’s outdated anyway, but worth mentioning.

I’m just getting started with Lumberyard, well game dev in general, so I’ve been trying to collect all the resources I can.


Yea I definitely need to update the list, with the new forums we just got some links are broken and point to nowhere.

For the coders out there you won’t want to miss Game Programming with Amazon Lumberyard by our very own @Oleksandr_LY
Also the Amazon GameDev Channel has been relaunched as a dedicated Amazon Lumberyard channel that is active and updated weekly (my goal). Please make sure to subscribe and post.
I’m going to start moving the video comments and answers to individual posts here on the forums tagged with +tutorials and /or +tutorialsconverstation

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Hey john! would of definitely added the current channel and Olex to the page, seems I’ve lost access to edit my old post though.