[COMPREHENSIVE REFERENCE] Tutorials, Communities and more compiled just for YOU!

Wassup people! so with the new forums up and running thought I’d repost this layout for the community especially for new comers!

  • If you see a resource(also important tutorial post that are sprinkled about the forums) that i have missed out on, please let me know and i’ll add it!.

First up is.

:arrow_right:Discord servers::arrow_left:

THE DEVSHOP SERVER - This one belongs to me, talk about pretty much anything, any engine, focus on Lumberyard and the tutorials I provide for the community, find resources, post about your projects, just talk etc…

THE UNOFFICIAL LUMBERYARD SERVER - This is pretty much the same as mine except its strictly Lumberyard, alot bigger and much like any discord can find people chatting when the team can respond here on the forums (people gotta go home and eat lol)

:arrow_right:YouTube Channels:arrow_left:

LUMBERYARD OFFICIAL CHANNEL - The official channel ran by @JKingpin. usually atleast 2 videos a week on a variety of topics. You will also find updates and most likely community news video and the like.

THE DEVSHOP CHANNEL - (You thought I was going to put mines first huh, what kinda guy do you think i am :wink:) So my channel as been around since a few weeks or months of the engine going public, I take on a host of topics and also have a few video series, as well as topic on general indie development in general.

AMAZON GAMETECH CHANNEL - Previous tutorial channel so still good content to sift thru, also you may find spotlight type videos along with more generalized Amazon Gametech video that encompass all of amazon including lumberyard and its services

:arrow_right:Blogs, Websites and Written Material:arrow_left:

LY on REDDIT - didnt know we had one, wish it was more active, now you know it exist, make it happen :slight_smile: .

GAME PROGRAMMING WITH AMAZON LUMBERYARD - Written book by Lumberyard own, @Oleksandr_LY , take you from zero to hero, updates with new releases, covers a host of topics!

:arrow_right:NOT UPDATED, But USEFUL (as of 9/30/2018):arrow_left:

  • below are channels that have multiple videos, but haven’t uploaded in 6+ months to year(s). or cover older versions of the engine only.

CODE SPANNER CHANNEL - non-specific LY tuts, digs into components(C++) fairly new channel on LY.
MISTERTOOLBOX CHANNEL - tuts on different topics such as UI, setup, creating components etc.
BRAIN56 - Worded breakdown tutorials on different thing in LY, such as player controller creation & more.
THIRD KIND GAMES - serveral worded tuts on alot of LY things mainly using C++, which is always welcomed they also have a released game called “THE DRG INITIATIVE
BRIAN BURTON CHANNEL - script canvas, general setups as well as some lua tutorials, he also has LY books available.
DOUGLAS BUZZELL - tuts on things like Version control, and basic setups
SAMUEL DASSLER - non-specific tuts on older versions of the engine.
AHMAD KARAMI - several diffferent vids on LY, seems to have moved on to Cryengine.
WRITTEN TUTS BY AMAZON - These are written tutorial for engine version 1.7

AGAIN, if I missed anything or anyone dont hesitate to let me know!