Configure Failed: MSVS source not found


After running “lmbr_waf configure” command in Windows Command Prompt, it fails near the end stating several errors about “msvs: source not found”. I think this has to do with Visual Studio, but I don’t know the first thing on how to fix it. I’ve already installed all of the required SDKs and software, including VS2015 and VS2013, both community editions. Here’s an image of the errors:

Thank you so much! Very fast reply!

It does actually look for SDL2, which is a required SDK.

Open the SetupAssistant over the .bat file outside of your dev folder (inside
Click to ‘Install required SDKs’, on the top you should see a button to ‘Install all’ required SDKs.
Click that to download all the missing SDKs.

If you should not see the ‘Install required SDK’ pane then you have to check the ‘Compile Engine…’ checkbox on the first page.