Congratulations to the Community Achievement Award Recipients - Golden Buzzsaw

As some of you may have seen, we awarded three members of the Lumberyard Community the Golden Buzzsaw, the Community Achievement Award, for their participation and efforts in evangelizing, educating, and helping fellow community members on a wide variety of topics related to the Lumberyard engine.

This set of recipients include:

  • Alexander ZImmerman, aka @Herpaderp for all the help and knowledge he has provided here in the forums
  • Juliano Cristian, aka @julianocristian for the evangalism he has done all across South America, including presenting at meetups, universities, and game jams
  • Aaron Binford, aka @mistertoolbox for creating a wide variety of professional level tutorials covering a wide array of topics as well as his efforts in other unofficial channels
    Their selfless actions help build communities, and they are helping to set the foundation of the Lumberyard community. There are many more deserving community members here and we will continue to recognize outstanding contributors as we grow and progress. There is not checklist for formula for being nominated or selected. If it were up to me I’d give you all one.