Connection problem between two users in a UEProject with GameLift

Hi guys, good morning!
I’m having a problem and I’m confused…
When I’m trying to connect two users in a dedicated server from my build project, the message sended from amazon is this:

However, after a few seconds, it returns me to the join the game screen instead of traveling to the third person example map.

I went to the virtual machine to see the logs and this is what returns it…

When I made all this sequence, my game sessions are created, so I have to delete modifying scaling parameters of my fleet

Btw, you look that? 2 player sessions has been created and can’t use them… I don’t understand what’s happening…

What do your client logs look like? From looking at your server logs, it seems that your clients are successfully connecting to the server but then immediately disconnecting, but not from the server kicking them out.

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Well, apparently the problem was around the project settings. Because although I had it as the tutorial, I made one in a new project and when I imported it to the new one,the map was read it whitout any problem.
I suppose that some change that I made would have left the “.ini” corrupted.
Thanks for your help, Chris!