Copy or move base class EBUS

This is my Component

class MyComponent :       
	public AZ::Component,
	public AZ::TickBus::Handler,
	public AZ::TransformNotificationBus::Handler
      AZ_COMPONENT(MyComponent, "{0C09F774-DECA-40C4-8B54-3A93033EC381}", AZ::Component);


For a few reasons I need to copy or move those 2 buses, but fails as the casting is not properly done, currently I’m doing it in this way:

auto castedDst = static_cast<AZ::TickBus::Handler*>(baseClass.dst);
auto castedSrc = static_cast<AZ::TickBus::Handler*>(baseClass.src);
*castedDst = AZStd::move(*castedSrc);

auto castedDst = static_cast<AZ::TransformNotificationBus::Handler*>(baseClass.dst);
auto castedSrc = static_cast<AZ::TransformNotificationBus::Handler*>(baseClass.src);
*castedDst = AZStd::move(*castedSrc);

azdynamic_cast gives nullptr of course… what’s the type to cast?